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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boloco Burritos - Concord, NH

10 Fort Eddy Road
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 410-3089

Boloco is essentially your designer wrap or burrito chain with a similar concept as Subway or Quizno's.  A good menu selection of burrito combinations that work well, but the ability to custom design your own burrito from a list of ingredients.

The ingredients are good, quality, fresh ingredients that one could make a quite a healthy meal out of.  The ability to design your own burrito from scratch is great for those people that are trying to keep the ingredients to meet specific standards for diet, food requirements, or otherwise, including skipping out on the wrap to make it a salad of sorts.

It's incredibly convenient and quick, and makes for a great excursion food - a fantastic to-go food for on the road, especially one I don't feel guilty for eating all the time.

Depending on how hungry I am, I may or may not stop by here on the way home so I at least have a protein shake for on the way home, and possibly part of a burrito, depending on how quick I drive...

Just kidding.

One of the secrets at Boloco, however, is the smoothies.  They have a few smoothies on the menu that they make to order that are fantastic and fresh with no additional ingredients than what it would take to make it at home.  The option to add healthy ingredients such as whey protein, and such is available as well, which makes Boloco definitely a great place to stop by after the gym.

Amusingly, the other day, obviously coated in dirt and sweat from the gym, a pair of people in the booth next to ours had to laugh at us - they, or we, were not the only ones with this most excellent idea.

If I may say.  Boloco Burritos.  Do it.

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