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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bridge Cafe - Manchester, NH

The Bridge Cafe
1117 Elm St
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 647-9991

The Bridge Cafe is a trendy coffee shop on Elm Street in Manchester.  Pretty much on the corner of Bridge and Elm, it is a perfect brunch location for a lazy sunday morning coffee and meal.  A delicate mix of caffeinated awakenness and lounged relaxation - perfect for some time reading the paper, or studying for a little bit, or better yet, conversations amongst good friends or new or old lovers.

It is the perfect example of what makes New Hampshire what it is - and is supposed to be.  Even at it's fastest paced, there is time to sit down and chat and bring a little joy to a hungry belly.  But enough of that, onto the FOOD!

I couldn't resist a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel as soon as i saw it on the menu.  Everything looked good, but I had been craving some salmon for quite a while, and I couldn't resist.  It came out quite good, and fresh.  Of course, something that I could have just as easily made at home, but there's something about the atmosphere and ambiance of a cafe and coffee shop that make it even better than just eating at home.

The Bridge Cafe serves everything from standard breakfasts, to salads, to paninis, to soups, and some good looking desserts.  Their entire menu is on their website, and they do deliver, actually.  Prices are not bad at all for what you get.  And all I can say is...  stack of pancakes.  Hmmmm...

Food is good, prices are good, the Bridge Cafe.  Go go!

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