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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Asian Breeze - Hooksett, NH

1328 Hooksett Rd   
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 621-9298

Asian Breeze is my local sushi place.  It is nestled perfectly between my home and my office, which allows me to get delivery to either with their smallish delivery range of about 6 miles.  Which is very dangerous.  So far, I've managed to stay away for about 2-3 weeks at a time, which, I guess I will have to be satisfied with.  Both my delivery addresses are on file, and when I give my phone number, they automatically ask me where they're going.  Most of the time, based on time of day, they can figure it out all on their own.  Something tells me I order way too much sushi from here.  In fact, hold on one second while I call in an order that will arrive about the same time as I will at home.
Where was I?  Oh yes, sushi.  SUSHI.  Asian Breeze at first appearance seems like a cheap Chinese restaurant, complete with row of cheap booths, gambling machines, karaoke platform and bar.  However, what comes out of the kitchen, to most people's surprise is amazingly fresh and plentiful.  With someone who cares about atmosphere and environment of the restaurant, Asian Breeze is not it.  For someone who can focus only on the food, Asian Breeze is definitely it.

The fish here is incredibly fresh and tasteful.  The fresh salmon is case in point.  In the pictures here, the fatty tissue patterning is rich, and has been taken advantage of to produce the best look in the sushi.

Asian Breeze's special rolls are very excellent, and I wouldn't hesitate to order any of them.  Each one is specifically distinct from the other, and all of them are fantastic.

One of the things of note is that even the regular rolls that are usually small and insignificant (and that I usually avoid in most sushi restaurants) are of decent size and contain a decent amount of fish.  For those looking for regular type rolls, these are quite good and fulfilling.  Amusingly, even vetted sushi eaters aren't immune to oops moments, such as dropping a roll into the soy sauce.

Price wise, Asian Breeze is approximately the same as most average sushi restaurants, however, the rolls across the board are significantly larger and contain more fish.  It is definitely a sushi restaurant where one could arrive hungry and end up full without breaking the bank.

While I'm thinking about it, wasabi and soy sauce.  Most people mix wasabi into their soy sauce and quite liberally apply the mixture to their sushi rolls by means of dipping.  Personally, depending on the roll, of course, I apply a small amount of wasabi directly to the roll, and just enough soy sauce by dipping the chopstick into the soy sauce and transferring a drop or two to the roll before providing my mouth with the delectable concoction.  I'm not one for hiding the taste of what I'm eating in salt, but I have no issue with a little heat.

All in all, Asian Breeze, fresh quality in quantity at a reasonable cost.  And that's a tastegasm right there.

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