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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Candia Road Convenience Store - Manchester, NH

836 Candia Road   
Manchester, NH 03109
(603) 669-6565

Think of the Candia Road Convenience store as a gas station store.  On crack.  If you break it down, there are four sections to the store.  The gas station store, sub shop, the beer shop, and the cigar shop.  The Candia Road Convenience store is not a gas station.  You will not be able to find any fuel to power your vehicle here.  However, there are plenty of good eats to power yourself.

The store is essentially setup like a gas station.  Refrigerated drinks in glass front coolers on the perimeter.  Scratch and lottery tickets on the counter.  Slow to perish snacks and such on the shelves.  But this is where Candia Road stops being like a standard convenience store.

To the right when you walk in, is a whole section of cigars.  Cigars like nobody's business.  Local brands, imported brands, brands I've never heard before.  This is probably where I'll go if I ever need a cigar.

Straight ahead from when you walk in is beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  Shelves loaded with beer.  Wall fridges filled with beer.  Different kinds of beer, imported beer, local beer, microbrew.  The prices on the beer is a little higher than grocery store, but about equivalent to gas station prices.  Naturally.  A great place to stop and pick up a bottle or a case on the way home or to a party and have a brew worth talking about, or that no one has ever seen before.

Of course, since this is a food blog, the sub shop.  A very simple shop with only a few kinds of breads and a few kind of fillings for the sub, it's good quality, it's fresh, it's cooked to order, and it's cheap.  In fact, the only and entire menu is the size of a large post it note, as can be seen below.

Some combination of the parts and ingredients below will be your sandwich.  Call or walk in, name off your ingredients, type and size of bread, toasted or not, and condiments - 10 minutes later, and voila, food's done.  Don't fear wandering around aimlessly in the store - there is much to look at in terms of beer and cigars and such.

The subs from Candia Road that I favor the most are the steak tip, seafood salad, and chicken salad.  Of course, toast the bread, and load on the hots, tomatoes, mayo, and pepper for me, and I'm happy as a clam.

For those watching carbs, the convenience store will also take the ingredients and create salads out of them, which are also quite good.

All in all, the Candia Road Convenience store is extremely convenient, cheap, and tasty.  Being just down the road from my office, and conveniently right off of exit 6 of I-93, it has been the place that I go to when I forget my lunch.  Which is more often than not, unfortunately, yet fortunately.

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